DEMAC Report: „Diaspora Humanitarian Engagement in Northwest Syria“

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Stepping Up Amidst Crisis: Syrian Diaspora’s Earthquake Response

DEMAC launches a New Report on „Diaspora Humanitarian Engagement in Northwest Syria“.

A Decade of Displacement and a New Blow: Earthquakes Intensify Syria’s Struggle

More than a decade ago, the Syrian crisis unfolded, uprooting millions from their homes. Presently, precarious living conditions grip those residing in non-government controlled areas, particularly Idleb and Aleppo governorates. This ongoing crisis took an even more devastating turn on February 6, 2023, as two powerful earthquakes struck southern Türkiye, near Syria’s northern border. The aftermath of these quakes exacerbated the already dire humanitarian situation with the number of internally displaced people (IDPs) in North-west Syria (NWS) surpassing 100,000, with millions more affected.

Real-Time Study from February to July 2023: Understanding Syrian Diaspora’s Response

To comprehend the Syrian diaspora organizations‘ interventions, its impacts and challenges following the earthquakes, DEMAC commissioned a Real-Time Review from February to July 2023. This mixed methods approach involved analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from sources like social media, interviews, and literature reviews. The voices of 27 individuals, representing various diaspora organizations, coordination networks, local authorities, and local actors, were integrated into the research. These stakeholders also included volunteer groups, search and rescue teams, women’s centres, and youth teams. In total, 97 Syrian diaspora organizations were mapped and assessed.

See below the response locations of diaspora organizations in north-west Syria